• Why Choose Us

    We can design and implement a comprehensive security program for each of our clients, which we call “Security By Design.” We have access to specialists in many different fields who we can employ should the client’s need require it. Because of our extensive network of partners, we can serve our clients’ needs throughout the world.

    Our team consists of a group of dedicated professionals. Our senior management team collectively has more than one hundred years of experience, mostly in law enforcement. Our entire team of professionals has extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise, many of whom have been recognized by their peers for their skills and competency.

    We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of what we do for our clients and perform our services with care and discretion.

    To meet the needs of our clients, we at CSC have established a worldwide network of professionals who can provide or assist us in providing our clients with the myriad security services that our clients may require. We have partners throughout the United States, in Latin and South America, throughout Europe and Asia, and in certain areas in the Middle East, including, Iraq.