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    Today, businesses of all types and sizes located anywhere in the world are facing increasing amounts of security risk from competitors, customers, suppliers and employees alike. Whether the threats are internal or external in nature, the types of security risks businesses face every day vary greatly from one company to the next. In order to mitigate these risks and protect a company's most valuable assets from harmful or criminal acts, specialized corporate investigations are often needed to scrutinize a situation, follow the evidence and obtain a just result. 
    Over the past 30 years, the corporate investigations team at CSC has been dedicated to protecting the ideas, assets and innovations that drive businesses around the world. We routinely partner with many Fortune500 global companies, public sector organizations and small-to-medium-sized businesses alike to conduct thorough corporate investigations, consult on critical security matters, mitigate risks and protect what is most important to them. We follow the evidence in every investigation and we don't stop until the case is solved and the client's assets are fully protected. 
    As a full-service corporate investigations agency, CSC offers the widest selection of corporate security and investigation services available anywhere, in order to meet the unique needs of our business clients. Our corporate security and investigation services include, but are not limited to, the following: 
    • Asset Protection & Loss Prevention
    • Undercover Operations / Surveillance Services
    • Employee Background Investigations
    • Business Background Investigations & Competitive Intelligence
    • Customer & Supplier Screening
    • Workplace Misconduct / Sexual Harassment Investigations
    • Fraud Investigations
    • Accident Investigations
    • Litigation Support

    The CSC Advantage

    The entire CSC corporate investigations team is comprised of former and retired law enforcement professionals with more than three decades of experience specializing in criminal and civil investigations. We're able to apply our extensive training and experiences as police investigators to all of our corporate investigations and closely partner with our clients on each case. When CSC conducts a corporate investigation, our clients feel confident knowing they're working with qualified police investigators with the specific knowledge needed to solve their case quickly and confidentially, rather than worrying about whether the police alone will have the available resources needed to solve their case, without drawing the public's attention. As a result, our clients benefit by having all the advantages of police investigators working on their case, without exposing their company to any of the potential drawbacks. 
    Based locally in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, CSC has also collected the largest and most experienced team of corporate investigators on the West Coast and continues to maintain close ties to local law enforcement agencies. Combined with strategic partners across the United States and a global presence in South America, Asia, and Europe, CSC is prepared to handle your corporate security and investigation needs anywhere in the world. 
    Additionally, CSC recognizes that clients may not always have a full understanding of what security concerns may lie ahead once an investigation is underway. In an internal theft investigation, for example, identifying the suspects and determining how the theft occurred only solves part of the problem. In these situations, former police investigators are typically needed to conduct interviews and surveillance operations, collect the necessary evidence, and work collaboratively with local authorities to obtain warrants, make arrests, recover product and seize assets. For these reasons, the combination of our law enforcement experience, specialized team of corporate investigators and wide-ranging security and investigation capabilities uniquely enables CSC to get deeply involved in a corporate client's case and provide critical security counsel every step of the way. From start to finish, our corporate investigators closely partner with our corporate security clients and don't stop until the case is solved and the assets are protected. 
    When a corporate client is in need of investigative help, CSC also realizes there usually isn't much time to spare. We understand that certain situations require strategic and immediate action, which is why CSC has assembled together the resources and capabilities needed to quickly mobilize an entire team of corporate investigators on a new case, often within an hour of a client's request. We believe that in many cases, a fast-acting response time can often be the difference in uncovering key evidence during an investigation, further enabling us to get the best results possible for our clients. 
    At CSC, your security is our passion. Whether you're in need of corporate security to safeguard your company, or you need to conduct a corporate investigation to mitigate your risk from internal or external threats, CSC's corporate security and investigation team can help. For professionalism, experience, and dependability, look no further than Creative Security Company. Contact us today for a free investigative consultation. 
    Who Uses CSC's Corporate Security & Investigations? 
    • 20 of the top Fortune 100 companies use CSC to conduct investigations worldwide and assist with litigation support
    • 37 law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area alone use CSC to provide litigation support for the most complex global business issues
    • 4 of the world's largest beverage companies use CSC to provide investigative services, protect their intellectual property and secure their work environment 
    • More than 100 California dairies use CSC as their investigative resource to protect their assets 
    Below is a short list of major global business organizations that have benefited from CSC's corporate security and investigations: