• Human Resources / Workplace Investigation

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    Sexual Harassment complaints, as well as other types of workplace harassment complaints, represent a source of considerable liability and financial exposure to employers. The best way to minimize this risk is to respond quickly to any complaint, particularly those that might be a violation of the anti- discrimination laws such as Title VII or the Fair Employment and Housing Act (in California) and conduct a thorough workplace investigation of the complaint.

    We at CSC assist our clients in investigating workplace complaints. We have experienced Human Resource Professionals that are certified and can conduct an effective workplace harassment investigation. We can uncover the key facts that are needed in order to make appropriate decisions regarding the disposition of the complaint. Whether the complaint represents a claim of a hostile work environment, quid pro quo harassment, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other protected class under the law, we afford our clients the ability to find out important information from our trained, impartial and skilled investigators who are well versed with the myriad compliance issues that must be considered.

    Our investigations are conducted with discretion, thoroughness, respect, and professionalism. We can conduct an investigation that ensures the witnesses, complaining party, and the accused all feel that the “due process” obligations of an employer have been fully met. In addition, we can work under the direction or the client’s legal counsel to provide attorney work product protection for the investigation.

    We also offer training on harassment prevention, no harassment policy development, diversity training, and supervisory training and coaching.