• Private Investigations

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    We offer our clients the traditional range of services in the field of private investigations. We also offer our clients custom, unique and innovative private investigation solutions such as background security investigations, criminal history investigations & employee background investigation services that the circumstances may require. We have seasoned investigators with technical and law enforcement backgrounds and have ready access to specialized expertise and skills that might be needed for any given private investigation.

    In addition to our standard investigative and surveillance services, we have special expertise and experience in the following areas:

    Expert Witness and Heir Location – We are frequently retained by law firms who are trying to locate people who have inherited assets in a probate proceeding, who could testify at trial, or who could provide information that is important to their case. We have access to specialized databases, court records (both criminal and civil), county real property records, DMV records, and other published files. When appropriate, we can also field trained investigators to interview neighbors, friends, and business associates of the person we seek. Once located, our investigators can meet with and interview the witness, thus saving our clients the time and cost of having to conduct the initial interview. We also have experience locating and interviewing jurors after a verdict has been rendered.

    Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Investigations – We have substantial experience conducting AOE/COE investigations. We can cost-effectively investigate the injury (the party or parties injured, the cause of the injury or injuries, and establish the extent of those injuries). We also routinely follow up on the AOE/COE investigation and conduct further surveillance to establish fraud by the claimant or plaintiff.

    Accident Reconstruction – We have access to the highly specialized expertise needed in the field of accident reconstruction. We are able to reconstruct both the actual event of the accident as well as the cause of the accident. Frequently, we are called on to provide accident reconstruction work on industrial and automobile accidents. Our experts have the skill and experience to provide “expert” testimony in any resultant legal proceeding.