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    Reduction in Force Security

    Workplace Protection & RIF Security

    Upon occasion, a client may find it necessary to terminate an employee or perhaps have a broader needs for reduction in force security. While most terminations occur without a problem, occasionally terminations can generate strong emotions and the possibility of a violent response from the terminated employee(s). We routinely counsel our clients how to terminate an employee to minimize the risk of workplace violence occurring as part of the termination process. We also assist them in dealing with workplace violence, should it occur. Furthermore, should there be problems with the terminated employee post-termination, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate the risk and take appropriate action to prevent a former employee from disrupting the safety and security of the workplace and becoming a threat to the other employees.

    Similarly, upon occasion, a client might be confronted with an employee who is experiencing a problem in his or her home life that spills out into the office. We work with our clients to make sure that the appropriate safeguards are in place to deter workplace violence, secure the work environment, and ensure that the problem employee receives appropriate assistance. 

    Striking workers CSC offers a wide range of strike security services for companies seeking protection during union strikes and labor disputes. Our focus is always on providing the highest level of safety and security possible in order to avoid a security incident from interfering with a client's normal business operations. To accomplish this goal, we utilize our law enforcement training and experience to build and maintain the highest quality strike security force in the industry. With our Security-By-Design approach, we can provide our clients with a seasoned, yet affordable, team of security experts highly-trained in all aspects of union strike and labor dispute protection.

    CSC has extensive training and experience when it comes to providing reduction in force security to protect companies, employees, replacement workers and customers alike during union strikes and labor dispute situations. We've received numerous certifications in this field, and by participating in union workshops designed to teach strikers how to escalate violence, we've gained a deep understanding of the tactics many strikers deploy in dispute situations. As a result, CSC's strike security officers can be counted upon to use the most effective strategies for de-escalating any situation and provide the highest quality safety and security for everyone involved.

    CSC is also uniquely able to staff our strike security teams with retired and former law enforcement professionals with decades of specialized training and experience in peacefully handling union strike and labor dispute situations. Because of our law enforcement background, we operate within a broad network of former law enforcement professionals around the world and are able to quickly mobilize a strike security team whenever and wherever needed.

    Another advantage CSC offers our clients is that we can collect evidence and conduct comprehensive investigations as part of our strike security service, which is unmatched by other strike security companies. CSC's strike security services include everything from the initial consultation and business continuity planning, to executive protection, and surveillance operations. And since CSC is equipped with a fully-staffed investigative division, we can perform surveillance and counter surveillance operations to collect the necessary evidence that can later be used in legal proceedings.

    From an initial consultation with a CSC strike security specialist, we can provide you with a wide range of services specifically designed to meet your unique needs, while maintaining complete confidentiality of all services provided.

    Specifically, CSC offers the following strike security services:

    Business Continuity Planning

    Safeguarding your business against possible union strikes or labor disputes can often be of vital importance to your company's future viability. CSC's strike security team is equipped with experts who can help your company plan ahead for expected and unexpected events. We can work collaboratively with your company to develop, consult and test a business continuity plan designed specifically for union strikes or labor dispute situations, thereby helping your company reduce risk and liability down the road.

    Our business continuity planning can support your organization in the following ways:

    Plan Development: CSC's experienced strike security specialists can help your company develop every aspect of your contingency plan. We can design a complete business continuity plan for your company from the ground up, which includes executable strategies and tactics for securing your company and assets during both expected and unexpected events. Our business continuity plans also outline a list of best practice strike security recommendations, which are based on our numerous experiences conducting security for union strikes and labor disputes each year.

    Vulnerability Assessment: Our strike security experts can perform a gap analysis on your company's contingency plan to assess vulnerabilities that may exist and suggest alternative tactics to ensure complete protection.

    Contingency Consultation: In the event your company is faced with a union strike or labor dispute situation, our strike security specialists are available to consult with members of your team to answer questions, make recommendations or address specific strike-related problems.

    Executive Protection

    During union strikes and labor disputes, company executives and their families are often sought after targets in need of executive protection. The strike security officers at CSC have specialized training in this field and are capable of securing our clients from threats of violence, harassment and robbery should the need arise. Our team will evaluate potential threats at destinations and along travel routes, and make appropriate logistical arrangements to mitigate these threats. We can also provide security escorts as needed 24/7 to ensure the complete safety and security for our clients.

    Replacement Workforce

    When a work stoppage occurs, the need for locating skilled and unskilled replacement workers to keep your business operational can be a daunting challenge. CSC's strike security officers experts have broad experience with developing replacement workforces on short notice in order to keep daily business operations from encountering any disruptions. CSC also focuses on providing high quality protection to replacement workforce personnel so they feel safe coming to work each day. In the event they face threats beyond the picket line, CSC's strike security officers can provide a wide range of services for keeping them safe and secure after hours, such as setting up temporary housing and offering security escort services as needed.

    Picket Line Protection

    Picket lines are often major hotspots for violence and misconduct to occur. Escorting employees and vehicles safely in and out of your union strike site is a key concern. CSC's strike security services ensure your employees will never have to cross the picket line without protection. By taking precautionary steps like setting up off-site locations for employees to park and arranging secured transportation for them to arrive safely at work, CSC's strike security officers can mitigate various threats to employees. We can also deploy highly-trained strike security officers to manage and deter threats from occurring at the picket line in order to provide complete protection so your employees feel safe and secure.

    Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance

    Evidence collection during union strikes and labor disputes is a critical component that's often beneficial for companies to use in future legal proceedings with labor union organizations. In fact, oftentimes it's the evidence collected by CSC's strike security officers that helps secure favorable judgments for our clients, which typically include strike-related expenses such as security and attorney fees. Having a strike security team in place that includes expert investigators specially trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance tactics can make all the difference in helping your company win an important legal battle. CSC's strike security service includes trained investigative specialists who will not only observe, document and collect the necessary evidence, including video footage and collecting witness statements, but they're also trained to be expert witnesses who can testify to the facts under oath.


    CSC recognizes that matters involving union strikes and labor disputes are sensitive in nature and require strict confidentiality. As part of our strike security services, we honor all attorney-client privileges and maintain the highest level of confidentiality with our clients at all times.

    At CSC, your security is our passion. Whether you need a business continuity plan to safeguard your company against a future union strike or labor dispute, or if your situation requires immediate protection to keep your employees safe and business operations running smoothly, CSC's strike security services can help.