• Patrol Services

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    Security Patrol services allow businesses of all sizes to cost-effectively establish a security presence at their property(s). Whether the patrol officer is responding to an alarm activation at your building or providing a patrol service, advanced technology allows CSC to provide our clients with a cost-effective yet detailed security solution.

    Upon their arrival, our specially trained Patrol Officers access your location specific profile in our online client account management system to review required procedures. Once the instructions have been reviewed, the officer proceeds to inspect your property and record findings using smartphone reporting in real-time.

    Advantages of Security Patrols

    • Random patrol checks by patrol officers in clearly and professionally marked CSC vehicles convey the message that you make security a priority.
    • Maximizing Security Technology - Smart Phone Online Real Time reporting alerts our dispatch center and account managers immediately of any incidents that occur at your property. Emergency procedures are put into place and reports are easily compiled and emailed the next business day.
    • Cost effective – patrol services offer security at a fraction of the cost of a full-time stationary security officer.
    • Flexibility – CSC has the knowledge and resources to immediately adapt while maintaining your security through any transition.

    Services Include

    Creative Security Company has a wealth of experience in patrol services. Our Patrol Operations and Dispatch Center are available 24/7 to help ensure the continued safety of your people and property. After assessing the property and identifying your areas of concern, CSC will develop a solution that both meet(s) your needs as well as your budget.

    Our patrol services can include:

    • Fire watch
    • Onsite visibility ( alt. presence) to promote a safe workplace environment
    • Choice between scheduled patrols or random patrol patterns
    • Officers can stand-by in the event of water leaks, power outages, etc
    • Vehicle patrols
    • Foot patrols
    • Lock checks (lockups and unlocks)
    • Interior and/or exterior building inspections
    • Parking lot checks/enforcement