• The Snitch Security System

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    The Snitch Security System is CSC's unbeatable state of the art wireless burglar alarm system supported by a 24/7 monitoring service and alarm response team that's linked directly to local law enforcement agencies. 
    Specifically designed to solve the unique security problems plaguing the commercial real estate industry for decades, "The Snitch" can secure Anything, Anywhere, Anytime for a fraction of the cost of traditional security methods.
    CSC's Snitch Security System helps building owners, property managers and job site supervisors protect their property and assets from copper theft, material & equipment theft, vandalism and trespassing without spending a fortune on costly security measures that aren't 100% effective.
    To date, the Snitch Security System has earned a 100% success rate protecting our client's sites and eliminating theft and property damage at commercial buildings and construction sites for companies such as Equity Office, CBRE, DR Stephens, TBI Development and Sobrato, to name a few.
    Backed by an experienced team of security specialists with law enforcement training and knowledge of cutting-edge wireless burglar alarms technology, the Snitch Security System is entirely unique from other burglar alarm systems.  The Snitch base unit is completely tamper-proof and has no phone lines to cut, giving would-be thieves no way to penetrate the system.


    Living up to its name, the Snitch system instantly notifies CSC's 24/7 monitoring service at the exact moment an intrusion is detected. And while conventional alarm systems typically call a superintendent or property manager when tripped, the Snitch can be programmed to call CSC's fully-staffed, 24/7 Security Response Team, greatly reducing response time and increasing the chances of making an arrest.  In fact, since CSC first introduced the Snitch, we've helped local law enforcement agencies make dozens of arrests, further deterring criminals from targeting any sites protected by the Snitch.  
    For pennies on the dollar, the Snitch Security System can give commercial real estate companies and commercial contractors complete peace of mind while saving them thousands each month on security costs. No matter how big, small or vulnerable your company's property or assets might be, the Snitch can protect your business from incurring further losses, saving you money by keeping your projects on schedule, and helping to keep your insurance deductibles low.   If you're concerned with theft or property damage occurring at your site or if you're business is looking to reduce its monthly security costs, the Snitch can protect your building and job site effectively and economically. For more details on how the Snitch can help protect your commercial building, office/retail suite or job site, click here for a Free Snitch product demo and Free security risk assessment.

    Snitch Features & Applications

    "The Snitch" is a fully customizable wireless burglar alarm that uses advanced cellular technology and long-range wireless sensors to constantly secure the inside, outside, and roof tops of buildings, offices and construction sites - ensuring that a breach never occurs.Key features of the Snitch include:
    • High-performance wireless sensors
    • Cellular and wireless burglar alarm technology; No phone line to cut
    • No long distance and roaming charges
    • Secures buildings over 500,000 square feet
    • Base unit has keypad, built-in motion sensors, 115 decibel siren, anti-temper sensors and strobe light
    • Ten hours of battery backup
    • Self-contained power supply available
    • Capable of running off of batteries
    • 24/7 nationwide monitoring
    • 24/7 Security Response Team
    • One base unit can protect multiple trailers, buildings, and pieces of equipment
    The Snitch system has been successful protecting:
    • Vacant buildings
    • Office & Retail suites
    • Construction sites
    • Copper and other precious metals
    • Construction trailers
    • Heavy equipment
    • AC Units
    • Conex boxes
    • Fenced-in areas
    • Building materials
    • Model homes
    • Tractors and other vehicles
    • And more....
    CSC is a proud member of BOMA - Building Owners and Managers Association International