• What Is It Like To Be A Security Officer?


    Security Guard photo

    You may hear terms like “security guard” and “security officer” bandied about, but what do they mean? Who are these people, and what do they do? Let’s take a look.

    First off, how does a security officer differ from a security guard? One difference is that security guards are sometimes hired directly by the client business, while security officers are generally obtained through security companies that provide such services. Both positions overlap as far as working to prevent or stop unauthorized or illegal activities on the client’s property. But the scope of a security guard’s job is generally limited to a specific area or team. Security officers can come to anyone’s aid and arrest lawbreakers. Since security officers must be ready for anything, they undergo even more training than the already thorough 40 hours required for security guards — up to 700 hours for officers who undergo Peace Office Standards and Training (POST) certification.

    This level of authority and expertise comes as a surprise to some folks who challenge a security officer’s qualifications or powers. Sometimes they even try to pick a fight with the security officer, thinking that the officer isn’t authorized to respond. Think again! The negative image of the under-qualified, unskilled “rent-a-cop” is way off the mark where established, reputable security companies such as CSC are concerned.

    Once they are thoroughly trained and certified, security officers may find themselves in a wide variety of situations, either in or out of uniform (as opposed to security guards, who always wear identifiable uniforms). Typical assignments include everything from personal bodyguard and mobile patrol duties to store security, travel security, and payroll delivery escort.

    If you’re interested in engaging this highly qualified personnel for your company or organization, we can equip you with the best in the business. Contact CSC for details!