• Alarm Response

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    Bay Area residents and business owners can no longer rely on their local police department to immediately respond to their alarm activations with many cities cutting their public safety staffing. Several local agencies have implemented the “Verified Response Protocol” before they will dispatch a police officer to either your residence or business. Our alarm response can field the call from your alarm company, respond to the scene, and determine the best course of action.

    When Creative Security’s dispatch center receives the call indicating an alarm activation, our 24/7 dispatcher dispatches one of our highly trained vehicle patrol officers to respond to the property immediately.

    Our officer(s) will patrol and inspect the perimeter of the building in an attempt to identify the cause of the alarm. If forced entry has been found, the officer will immediately notify law enforcement as well as the property owner/manager. The officer will remain onsite until the issue is resolved or given further direction from the client.

    Advantages of Immediate Mobile Alarm Response:
    • Quicker Response Time: Alarm calls placed to law enforcement are filtered by priority at the time they are received. Sometimes this can increase the time that law enforcement takes to respond. However, Creative Security is able to give priority to these calls, immediately dispatching a responding officer. Our response times are often shorter than local law enforcement.
    • Exterior tour of your property; inspect your property for signs of forced entry and/or vandalism
    • Check all doors and windows 
    • Maintain flexibility. If your security situation changes, Creative Security has the knowledge and resources to help provide seamless protection.
    Creative Security provides fully screened, licensed and law enforcement trained security officers who are experienced in security alarm response. Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art computers with internet and client management software. This enables our officers to pull up account specific data while onsite including the map of the building, the alarm sensor locations, access details and client specific data and procedures to ensure we follow client protocols.